I developped my own site thaks to ruby!

I own a site that I myself developed. It is a commercial platform that would allow me to carry out a project that I have been considering for a long time. My goal for designing this site is very specific. You want to know why I chose Ruby for its development? Here are my answers.

The reasons why I chose Ruby

First, ruby on rails is a concise and elegant language. As a developer, I can say that Ruby is clearer compared to php which often lacks structure or Javascript usually complicated with its "functions". It is also a strong object-oriented language. It therefore makes it possible to write programs more easily from objects that represent ideas, concepts and any other representation of the tangible world. Managing bookstores with Bundler is easier with Ruby. Moreover, it is an interpreted language. This is an essential point in case you want to use it in a Java-oriented environment. And finally, it is an active and vast community very maintained on the open-source. It is then possible to find third-party libraries on RubyGems for example. Finally, it has a powerful framework that exists only in Ruby. This is particularly advantageous for web applications.

What work environment?

Ruby on rails is compatible with Linux, MacOS and Windows from a Ruby One-click install. Among the servers that can host Ruby, we can count on Dreamhost, or even which are not chargeable. Certainly, it has fewer compatible hosts than the others. However, web hosts are becoming more aware of its place in web development. They are then making efforts to ensure that ruby ​​can integrate them. It is envisaged that their number will soon be higher. I recommend you to search on the internet or on sites dedicated specifically to this language information about it. The more information you have, the more you will know all these benefits. You will also learn how to use it for the development of your site. Even if you are not a developer, you will at least have knowledge about it.

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