Why we will still follow Apple, even when the brand disappointed us

During the Worldwide Developer Conference, held June 8, 2015, Apple presents free application for developers with personalized technologies allowing everyone to make the most of their applications. Many applications have therefore experienced updates that seem to be a bit disappointing for most users.

El Capitan

This is the new version of OS X with an internal search engine which can manage natural language. For emails, you have the ability to have many tabs to write multiple messages simultaneously. You can also enjoy having two logiciels side by side on the screen. There are also some improvements on autonomy and speed of the brand computers.

IOS 9 and Apple Pay

This new software is proactive. This is a version of Google Now for smartphones. You also get an API of research so that each developer can integrate their applications in the search for Siri. iOS9 will learn your habits also offering applications consistent with them. You can put your smartphone into low battery mode.

For Apple Pay, the UK will also soon benefit from this system of paiement with a new application us wallet.

Application updates

Notes can now make the creation of to-do lists by adding images. you can also draw with your finger or add links to pages that interest you. Plans integrates public transport with pedestrian directions combined. News allows you to see the news that seem interesting every day. Much like the digital publishing but it can't exceed this.

Updates for the iPad

iOS9 is present on the iPad with additions shortcuts above the keyboard. The iPad will also be equipped with a trackpad for an easy selection of elements with two fingers. The latter becomes as multitasking while allowing you to keep a video in a corner while working in another application.

Apple Watch

On Apple Watch you will soon be able to personnalier your clock and display more information. It has a night view mode with the possibility of response to emails.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a new musical streaming which needs subscription. This is available now and you can learn any radios with it. You can also discuss with your favourite artist.


There's nothing new was presented by Apple at the WWDC15. Indeed, there were only improvements on their way allowing its OS to reach the same level as its competitors. In short, Apple not disappoint you?


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